Dialysis Technician Training in Kentucky

Dialysis technician training and certification requirements in Kentucky are governed by the Board of Nursing. The state has also established an Advisory Council that is responsible for helping to facilitate the dialysis technician program. An individual who wishes to become a technician must obtain the dialysis technician credential before being allowed to work. Technicians should also be aware that they are required to pass a national certification exam in order to renew their credential.

Any person who wants to become employed as a dialysis technician must:

  1. Complete a Board approved training program
  2. Submit an application for the dialysis technician credential
  3. Submit a copy of the program completion certificate
  4. Provide a criminal record check report dated within the past 6 months
  5. Submit an FBI applicant fingerprint card to the state police
  6. Pay initial application fee of $70

The dialysis technician credential is issued for a period of two years after which the technician must submit evidence that they have passed a nationally recognized certification examination in order to renew the credential. A technician who has completed training in another state may submit the curriculum and evidence of completion to the Board for review. If the program is comparable to those approved in Kentucky, then the Board may approve the credential once the applicant has provided evidence that they have completed legal and ethical sections relating to the standards within Kentucky. The details involved in this process can be found by clicking here. A list of Board approved training programs within the state of Kentucky can be reviewed here. A detailed list of training program outcomes is also available for those interested in knowing what will be expected.

In addition to the requirements established by the Kentucky Board of Nursing, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have adopted the following requirements.

CMS regulations 494.140 (e)(1-4) state that the patient care technician training and certification requirements must meet these guidelines:

    1. Meet all state requirements for:
      • Education
      • Training
      • Credentialing
      • Competency
      • Standards of practice
      • Certification
      • Licensure
    2. Have a High School Diploma or GED
    3. Complete an approved program that includes:
      • Principles of dialysis
      • Care of patients with kidney failure
      • Possible complications of dialysis
      • Water treatment and dialysate preparation
      • Infection control
      • Safety
      • Dialyzer reprocessing
    4. Certification by a State or National Program within 18 months of employment

KentuckyThe state of Kentucky does not have its own dialysis technician certification exam. In order to comply with state and federal regulations, you will need to complete one of three available national certification exams. Additional information about these requirements and the national exams may be found by contacting training program coordinators. The federal government has mandated that certification be completed within 18 months following employment.

The following are nationally recognized certification organizations:

  1. The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC)
  2. The Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)
  3. The National Nephrology Certification Organization, Inc. (NNCO)

Additional efforts, by the government, to ensure high quality dialysis treatment across the United States led to the creation of 18 non-profit networks in 1978. These networks monitor anywhere from 1 to 6 states and offer informational support to dialysis staff as well as dialysis patients. Networks are also responsible for analyzing data, promoting rehabilitation, and providing educational services. Kentucky is currently included in Network 9 along with Indiana and Ohio.

Kentucky Dialysis Technician Training and Career Links

  1. American Renal Associates
  2. Davita
  3. Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
  4. DSI Dialysis
  5. Fresenius Medical Care
  6. Kentucky Children’s Hospital
  7. TJ Samson Community Hospital

State Contact Information

Kentucky State SealPhone:          (502) 429-3300
Fax:               (502) 429-3311
Email:           KBN Webmaster

312 Whittington Parkway, Ste 300     Louisville, KY 40222-5172

Web Site:     Kentucky Board of Nursing

National Network:   Network 9


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