Dialysis Technician Training in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Health and the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services have not established dialysis technician training and certification requirements. These state departments defer judgement on standards of practice to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Because the CMS is responsible for approximately 80% of the costs associated with dialysis treatment, many states choose not to regulate the industry.

While the state has no laws that regulate dialysis technicians, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has added language to its reimbursement policy that affects how technicians are trained and certified. In order for facilities in Wisconsin to continue to receive federal funds, they must ensure that technicians are in compliance with the new CMS requirements. Individuals who wish to practice as dialysis technicians should not allow these regulations to interfere with their career objectives. Ultimately, the industry is still subject to relatively few regulations compared to most areas of healthcare.

CMS regulations 494.140 (e)(1-4) require that the patient care technician training and certification requirements comply with these standards…

    1. Meet all applicable state requirements for:
      • Education
      • Training
      • Credentialing
      • Competency
      • Standards of practice
      • Certification
      • Licensure
    2. Have a High School Diploma or equivalency
    3. Complete an approved training program that includes the following subjects:
      • Principles of dialysis
      • Care of patients with kidney failure
      • Possible complications of dialysis
      • Water treatment and dialysate preparation
      • Infection control
      • Safety
      • Dialyzer reprocessing
    4. Certification by a State or National Program within 18 months of employment

Employer expectations vary when it comes to whether or not technician applicants have completed a college degree and have prior healthcare experience. Individuals are encouraged to contact local dialysis facilities to determine what the exact requirements are in their area. In general, technicians receive 30 to 90 days of training within the clinic where they have been hired prior to providing direct patient care. Most training programs consist of both classroom teaching and clinical experience. Following successful completion of the training program, many technicians will work for 6 to 18 months before completing a certification examination.

Certification options commonly include…

  1. The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC)
  2. The Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)
  3. The National Nephrology Certification Organization, Inc. (NNCO)

There are 18 non-profit renal networks in the United States that are responsible for monitoring the quality of care being offered to end stage renal disease patients. These networks were established by Congress in 1978 and are responsible for facilities within one to six states. Each network collects data, publishes reports, promotes quality care, and serves as a resource for both patients and facility personnel. Wisconsin is included in Network 11 along with North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Wisconsin Dialysis Technician Training and Career Links

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  4. Bay Area Medical Center
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  9. Fresenius Medical Care
  10. Gundersen Health System
  11. Lakeview Medical Center
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  13. Mayo Clinic Health System
  14. Memorial Health Center
  15. Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County
  16. Mercy Health System
  17. Mile Bluff Medical Center
  18. Monroe Clinic
  19. Purity Dialysis
  20. Sacred Heart Hospital
  21. SSM Healthcare
  22. St. Clare Hospital
  23. St. Joseph’s Hospital
  24. St. Nicholas Hospital
  25. St. Vincent Hospital
  26. United Hospital System
  27. Upland Hills Health
  28. Wisconsin Dialysis, Inc.

State Contact Information

Wisconsin State SealPhone:          (608) 266-1865
Fax:               (414) 227-4556
Email:           cremear.mims@dhs.wisconsin.gov

1 West Wilson St     Madison, WI 53703

Web Site:     Wisconsin Department of Health Services

National Network:   Network 11

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